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RYA Inland Waterways
Helmsmans Course

Why a course?

To gain the most from your investment of a canalboat or to enhance the experience of boating an RYA Inland Helmsmans course is designed to improve the pleasures of boating.

Whether you are looking for training to improve your boat handling skills before you invest in a canalboat of your very own, before a Canalboat holiday, or a present with a difference, our RYA Inland Helmsmans courses maybe the something special you are looking for.

Our aim is to deliver fun & enjoyable training to enhance your experience of boating and to encourage the accessibility of boating through the inland waterways & each year more and more people are discovering the delights of boating.

Develop your boating skills

The basic skills of canal-boating are quickly learnt, but studying for the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman's Certificate can give extra confidence to the first timer or develop skills of even an experienced boater.

Courses are generally held at the ABC Boat Hire Alvechurch Marina base in the midlands, but other locations may be available by special arrangement.

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