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At the Helm

Everyone should be encouraged to have a go not only at operating the locks but also handling the boat. The boat is often the easiest part thought many people feel under confident when standing at the stern and looking the full length of the canalboat. Canalboats can be daunting, but with a little practice and confidence anyone can handle them safely and enjoyably.

Many ladies are often put off by the thought of manoeuvring the canalboat into the locks or even steering whilst gently cruising, its just a case of building some confidence with practice & enhancing your skills. There are many easy ways to get the boats to perform, a little know how goes a long way and we can share this with you. Canalboats donít come with an instruction book, it is therefore up to the crews themselves to be responsible and ensure they are trained by approved centres, not just learning by watching others, after all who says that crew is doing it right.

Before departing out boatyard you will get the full instruction in order to handle your canalboat safely. 

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